Andrew J. Daniel

The Gazette
May 27, 1903

In Memoriam.

Our dear father has passed over the river that we all must cross; his sufferings are over; he quietly rests beside his wife and children who had already gone before. How sad it was to give him up!

Andrew H. Daniel was born October 12, 1850, and died March 2, 1903. He was united to the Baptist church near his home a number of years ago, he having made the Conway church a faithful member from the time he joined to the time of his death.

How can I realize that our dear father is no more! The old home he loved so well has lost part of its brightness, for a home was never brightened by a more cheerful or sweeter face than his. He lived for his children. The community in which he lived feel bereaved over their loss. They miss his usefulness. He could think no evil, because evil was not a part of him. Where did he get this wisdom? His soul was his guide. Again I say that all who knew our dear father will feel that a great soul has departed. We weep tears of sorrow over the loss; for in the loss, a friend of usefulness, kindness, love and truth, honor and integrity has passed from us. He came among us to bring the message of love and peace and good will. How many of us are ready to receive that message?




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