As I was building my family tree I found one of the best sources of information was obituaries.

There are 7 Facts About Your Ancestors Found in Obituaries and Death Notices:

1. Date of death, name of cemetery, date and place of the funeral and burial
2. Name, place, and year of birth
3. Names of children, where they lived, and their position in the family’s birth order
4. Names of the towns and how long they lived in each one
5. Age of spouse at death and how long ago that was
6. Details on the longevity of parents and grandparents
7. Count of descendants, by generation

And much more!

I was fortunate to have a Grandmother and Mother who cut out and saved obituaries and newspaper articles that had anything remotely connected to our family. I found them to be extremely valuable.

In the process of adding the old obituaries on here, I realized that they could be a valuable resource to others. It can also become a resource for those who start their search down the road. With that in mind I began to add recent obituaries also. You are more than welcome to send me any you would like to see added. It doesn’t matter if they are very old or recent.

You will find some are the small announcement that does not have much information. If you have the full obituary for anyone please send it to me.

Most of you are aware that it is expensive to put an obituary in the newspaper. Some can’t afford it. I will never charge to add an obituary to Shiloh to Canaan. If you want to send one in, recent or old, short or long, e-mail it to ShilohtoCanaan@gmail.com. Pictures are welcome. You can also ask your funeral director to send it in for you.

If you find this site helpful please consider making a donation to one of the charities on the right or one of your choice in memory of someone who has gone to Heaven.