Harriet Delilah Rossitter Webb

 14 NOV 1836 - 9 JUL 1902  The Gazette July 16, 1902 Mrs. H. D. Webb died at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. Edward Everett, in Farmerville, last Wednesday afternoon. Her sudden death was a complete shock to her friends here. In fact, her immediate family did not realize that she was dangerously ill until a … Continue reading Harriet Delilah Rossitter Webb


Capt. R. P. Webb

The Gazette October 16, 1901 Capt. R. P. Webb, a prominent lawyer, politician and real estate agent, of Homer, died very suddenly of heart failure.

Mrs. Henry Wilson

The Gazette June 13, 1900 Mrs. Henry Wilson died Tuesday morning at her husband’s home near Holmesville. Several months ago Mr. Wilson sustained a fall in which both of her legs was broken, since which time she has been hardly able to get around. She was about 55 years of age.

E. M. Wood

The Gazette July 26, 1899 We learn from Jno. W. Loper, that E. M. Wood, a farmer living near Marion, was killed last Tuesday, the 18th, by the accidental discharge of his gun.

Webb Child

The Gazette May 24, 1899 The eighteen months old child of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Webb died in Monroe Saturday, after an illness of a few days. Its remains were brought to Farmerville and interred in our cemetery Sunday afternoon. The Gazette extends sympathy to the bereaved family.