Mrs. Rose Anna Pleasant/Mrs. Heard

The Gazette August 28, 1901 Shiloh lost two of her old citizens this week. Mrs. Rose Anna Pleasant, mother of former Sheriff B. F. Pleasant, died Monday morning about 10 o’clock; and Mrs. Heard, mother of Gov. W. W. Heard, breathed her last Tuesday morning. The former named lady was about 80 years of age, … Continue reading Mrs. Rose Anna Pleasant/Mrs. Heard


Mrs. Josephine Henry

The Gazette April 24, 1901 Mrs. Josephine Henry, of Mosely’s Bluff neighborhood, died Saturday night, of neuralgia of the heart. She was about 60 years old.

Hicks Son

The Gazette September 19, 1900 One of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hicks' little boys died after a brief illness with congestion last Wednesday. The child’s remains were interred in the Taylor cemetery, six miles northeast of Farmerville.

Harrell Children

The Gazette September 5, 1900 Both the little children of Mr. and Mrs. Harrell, of Shiloh, died quite suddenly last Sunday. One of them expired about 10 o'clock in the morning and the other about six hours thereafter. The Gazette extends sympathy to the grief stricken parents.