Lillian Gilbert

The Gazette
April 9, 1902

Miss Lillian Gilbert, eldest daughter of Mrs. Kate Gilbert, died at her home Saturday night, in her 21 year. Miss Lillian had been ill several weeks with consumption, and while her family and friends realized that chances were not favorable for her recovery, still they had no idea the end was so near at hand. Her unexpected death was a surprise and a shock to our community. She was a bright girl, and her general popularity was attested by the large number of sorrowing friends who attended her funeral Sunday afternoon at the Farmerville cemetery, where she was buried. To the bereaved family The Gazette extends deepest sympathy.

The Gazette
April 23, 1902

Resolutions of Respect

Whereas, It has seemed proper and fitting in the wisdom and love of the Almighty Disposer of events, that he should take from our midst and from the midst of many friends and dear ones, the loving daughter of a doting mother, the amiable friend of numerous companions and the talented pupil of our Sunday school – Miss Lillian Gilbert. And

Whereas, This irreparable loss is duty felt and deplored by us, the ones who are permitted to remain a little longer and father assist in the high and noble work to which her life was dedicated. Therefore, be it

Resolved, That we take this opportunity, in these moments of grief, to express our heartfelt sympathy to those of the broken family circle who yet grieve because of her absence. Yet they must realize that she is not dead, but has only moved her abode to life forever with God. We, too, in our sorrowing, know that her soul has been plucked, as a rosebud, by Divine Wisdom, to be placed in the Valhalla of heaven. She suffered on earth, but she suffers now no more.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent the sorrowing family, and that a copy be handed The Gazette for publication.

Mrs. Doshia Ramsey,
Edw. Everett
John Roaten

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