John D. Rogers, Jr.

The Gazette September 19, 1900 Mr. John D. Rogers, Jr., died last Thursday at his home in the second ward. At the April election he was elected justice of the peace of that ward. Mr. Rogers leaves a young wife, having married her about the first of this month.

Mr. R. F. Rabun

The Gazette September 12, 1900 Mr. R. F. Rabun, an aged citizen of Union Parish, died Saturday afternoon at this home north of Farmerville. A few days ago he was bitten by a hog on the hand, blood poisoning resulting therefrom. This wound in connection with his infirm condition caused his death. Mr. Rabun was … Continue reading Mr. R. F. Rabun

Jesse Roberts

The Gazette July 18, 1900 Mr. Jesse Roberts, an old and respected citizen of Downsville died last Sunday night, after a long spell of illness. Mr. Roberts leaves a wife and several daughters and sons, among the latter being ex-district attorney, C. B. Roberts