Mrs. C. B. Tanner

The Bernice Journal
February 27, 1930

Mrs. C. B. Tanner, age 83, died very suddenly at her home near Weldon Wednesday night, February 19. She leaves beside her husband three children, C. B. Jr., six, Donna Ruth, four, and Billie Joe, twelve days old. Among the out of town relatives attending the funeral were: Olen Tanner, Dallas, Texas, Miss Estell Tanner, of Alexandria, Mr. and Mrs. Brooksie Tanner, of Houston, Texas, Miss Myrtle Johnson, of Haynesville, Medames Johnson and Williams, of Lisbon.

The deceased was buried in Weldon cemetery, Friday afternoon at 2:00. Rev. M. V. Burns conducted the funeral service.

****** The obituary in The Bernice Journal had a mistake. Mrs. Tanner is said to be 83. The reader who brought it to my attention thought her age was 28.

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