Lucile Crow

The Gazette
January 24, 1906


Lucile Crow, daughter of Arthur and Beulah Crow, born April 27, 1905, died Jan. 14, 1906, after four days of intense suffering with pneumonia and congestion our little darling passed away.

Everything that our good Dr. Taylor and many others could do didn’t save her, because God had whispered into her tiny ear: “Come and join the little angels up here.”

As our town clock struck six Sunday morning she met death as one who draws the draperies of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams. But, ah! how we miss her and will continue to do so until our souls shall ebb away to the bosom of God’s Great Ocean.

Our home is so dark and lonely since the light has gone out of it.

There is one consolation, though; she is where we can see her again an with God’s help we intend to hold her in our arms someday, to kiss the dimple cheek and hear the little lips say “Mama,” and “Papa,” even in sweeter tones that ever before. She was sweet in death, but so much brighter and sweeter in life.

It seems so mysterious that God would give us something so pure and when she had become a part of our lives snatch her away. We must not question His will, though; for “He doeth all things well.”

We loved her too much and God has said, “None shall come before me.” Well, precious darling, the little shoes, etc, are sweet to look upon, but how much sweeter ’twill be to see your little face in Heaven. Mama misses you even in her prayers, but this I realize that you are so much better off than we are.

May the angels of the Lord encamp round about us and give us strength to bear our sorrow; and may it not be long our God shall whisper to us, as he did to our darling, “Come up Higher.”


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