Araminta Gooings

The Gazette
March 19, 1902

March, the 4th, at 2 o’clock A. M., God saw fit to call to a better home where sorrow, sickness and sin are unknown, Mrs. Araminta Gooings, aged 75 years. For 32 years she has lived a widow’s life, deprived of the love and care of a husband and father to assist her with her 5 children left in her care. Oh! how well we remember her great faith in God; how she put her trust in Him to guide her children and bless them. She united with the Baptist Church in her youth in Alabama where she was raised by good Christian parents who await her. She leaves three children to mourn her loss. Oh! how we will miss her by the fireside with her Bible quietly reading God’s word. We feel it will be so sweet to her to meet in heaven with so many who were dear to her. Dear Mother, if we all are able to go through with the trials of this life and depart leaving no more blemish on us than you have, we fell God will still answer prayers left behind you.

Bless thou us Lord, in the Kingdom above,
Whence thy grace so freely is given,
So long have we journey’d together on earth,
Receive us together in heaven.

Pence on the brow and the eye lids so calm,
Peace in the heart, “neath the white folded palm,
Peace dropping down like a wonderful balm,
From the head to the feet.

“It was so sudden,” our white lips said,
“How we shall miss her, the beautiful dead,
Who takes the place of the precious on fled?
But God knoweth best.

We know He watches the sparrows that fall,
Hears the sad cry of the grieved hearts that call,
Friends, husband, children He loveth them all.
We can trust for the rest.

A. B.

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