In Memory of Little Jesse

The Gazette
March 13, 1901

Jesse Dewey, the baby son of J. B. and Maud Edwards, died Feb. 20, 1901, at their home near Mt. Lebanon. Two years was this precious jewel permitted to gladden and make sunshine in the home of his fond parents and little brothers. Then he was transplanted in the garden of God to blossom in fadeless beauty. Too pure for earth’s barren soul.

Now it is that we can look back and see his endearing ways. How often, in the last few months have we seen him following his papa to his work. His little mind seeming to reach both for  knowledge and for employment. He had quite a happy disposition enjoying play most while all alone with his little hammer and nails. It is sad to part with this little one, but “God doeth all things well.”

The plant will require so little change to becoming an angel, that we expect to find him just as we gave him up. Jesse, we can almost see your baby hands beckoning–“come”.

May the lonely parents, by faith, look not at the things which are not seen, and hear the voice saying, “what thou knowest not now, thou shall know hereafter!”


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