John B. Robinson

The Gazette
January 24, 1900

In Memorian

Died, at his home in Shiloh, La., on January 3rd, 1900, after an illness of two weeks, Mr. John B. Robinson, in the 83rd year of his age.

Another land mark gone; Another of our oldest and best citizens bade farewell to the scenes of his manhood and mature old age when the Grim Reaper called for him last Saturday morning.

Perhaps no man had ever lived more than four score years a less blameless life and no one of the Master’s servants was better prepared for his summons. Like Paul of old, he had fought a good fight, he had kept the faith, and was ready to receive the crown of righteousness which the Just Judge awards.

We extend condolence, with the hope that each and every one of them may imitate his character in life and when earth’s pilgrimage is over, may they realize that peaceful rest vouchsafed to this grand old father in Israel.

There s weeping on earth for the lost,
There is bowing of grief to the ground;
But rejoicing and praise mid a sanctified host,
For a soul sweet rest hath found.

M. C. M.

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