Elder T. J. Foster

The Gazette
April 19, 1899

Elder T. J. Foster was born in Jackson County Ga., September 18th, 1805, and died on Friday, February 10th, 1899. He was therefore 93 years, 7 months and 8 days old; truly a good old age.

All the salvation that he hoped for was based upon the mercy and goodness of God towards him. he was impressed in early life with man’s great responsibility to God, and as was natural strove very hard to induce God to save him by his pharisaical duties. When all his efforts proved unavailing it was revealed that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega of the saved sinner’s hope. He united with the church in 1828. In 1838 he was liberated by the missionary church (the Baptists about that time having divided on the question of missions and money) to preach but as he and they could not agree he left them and joined the Primitive. Baptists and ¬†commenced preaching. He was ordained to take charge of churches in 1840 by Elder Elias Brown and James Miller. In 1849 he moved to Arkansas.

The writer has known him for over 35 years as a zealous Primitive Baptist. In the language of one who knew him: “Without a fee or earthly reward he went from church to church over a large territory, and with the persistency of Paul and the fervency of Peter he proclaimed the everlasting gospel to dying sinners. He was known far and wide as “Uncle Tommy Foster” and among the many who knew him there will be sorrow in the hearts and tears in the eyes over the loss of a loving friend, husband, father and brother.”

He was moderator of the Ouachita Primitive Baptist Association for 25 years.

“Why do we mourn departing friends,
Or shake at death’s alarm,
‘Tis only the voice that Jesus sends
To call us to his arms.”

H. A.

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