May Anderson

The Gazette
October 5, 1898

Died, on Tuesday, September 27, little May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Anderson, of Marion. Little May was 3 years old the 8th of last March. She was a sweet child and a little beauty. Her death was a great shock to her family and friends. She was sick only a few days with croup and throat trouble. Her death was unexpected.

But she hath gone in the springtime of life,
Ere her sky had been dimmed by a cloud;
While her heart with the rapture of love was yet rife,
And the hopes of her youth were unbounded.
From the lovely who loved her too well;
From the sorrow which lately o’er her young spirit fell,
Like a dream of the night she hath flown;
And the earth has receive its bosom its trust–
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
There is weeping on earth for the lost!
There is brewing in grief to the ground!
But rejoicing and praise ‘mid the same titled host,
For a spirit in Paradise found!
Though brightness has passed from the earth,
Yet a star is new-born in the sky.
And a soul hath gone home to the land of its birth.
Where are pleasures and fullness of joy.
And a new harp is strung and a new song is given.
To the breezes that float o’er the gardens of heaven.

O. N. Herrington


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