Malon H. Thorton

The Gazette
April 6, 1898

In Memoriam

Died, March 22, 1898, at his residence in Union Parish, La., Malon H. Thorton, at the age of 73 years, 7 months and twenty days..

Bro. Thornton was born in the state of Georgia, August 19, 1825; moved to this parish and settled in Cornie fork in the early settlement of that part of the parish. He was Baptized into Bethel Church on September 20, 1857, by S. T. Cobb; and lived a Christian life until his death.

In the death of Bro. Thornton, the neighborhood has lost a good citizen, the church a wise counselor, the children a loving father. Weep not for him, dear children.

Bro. Thornton was interred in the cemetery at Bethel Church.

J. V. B. Waldrop


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