In Memoriam – Mrs. C. B. Hicks

The Gazette
May 6, 1896

Mrs. C. B. Hicks, wife of Dr. D. L. Hicks, born October 10th, 1847, died April 20th, 1896, aged 49 years, six months and eight days. She was the daughter of Michel and Mary J. Gill and married D. L. Hicks April 26th, 1874. Together we journeyed through life for nearly 22 years without a cloud to mar our peace. We traveled together sight-seeing; we traveled together fishing; we went together to see the sick; we went together to church, where I found my greatest delight in her presence. She upheld me in her prayers; she cheered me with her melodious voice in songs of praise to our God. She was ever ready in every good word and work. It is hard for me to face a congregation and not see her loving face and hear not her cheerful voice. But we sorrow not as those who have no hope, for we know that her voice is attuned with angels in Heaven. So rest, dear wife, and sister, you cannot come to me but we can go to you.

D. L. H.


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