Mrs. Belle Munger Trimble Gone to Join the Angels

“The silver cords are loosed and the golden bowl is broken.”

It is with a sad heart that I chronicle the death of my friend, Mrs. B. M. Trimble, who after a brief illness, departed this life on Monday evening, the 29th inst, surrounded by her loving children and saddened friends. Mrs. Trimble had a few days ago gone to New Orleans to the hope of restoring her declining health, and on the homeward trip she was taken seriously ill, and although the physician’s art was exhausted, and loving hands did all that could be done to restore her to her health, yet breath’s onward march could not be stayed, and the generous noble spirit of Mrs. Trimble, breaking away from it earthy surroundings, winged it flight to Heaven at 4:45 o’clock p.m., Monday, February 24, 1896, in her 57th year.

Mrs. Trimble seemed to realize from the first that death was approaching and she met it as only those who have lived good and true lives can meet it, counseling her children to the last in those noble walks of life, in which her motherly hands have so well in the past directed them.

To her character no nobler monument can be lifted than the characters of her six children, to whom, for many years past , she has been father and mother and all the world; and through her never-tiring love and devotion they partly reflect the character of their good, true and loving mother, who was in their eyes perfect in the highest terms applicable to one’s own mother, and her presence made a model home not only for her children but all who entered there.

Mrs. Trimble was born in Rutland, Vermont, January 29, 1840, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Munger, graduated at Mrs. Willard’s Seminary of New York in 1858, shortly after which she came to this State and on November 14, 1862, was married to the late Judge J. E. Trimble who died in 1887. She leaves three sons and three daughters to mourn her loss. Her remains were interred in the Farmerville cemetery Tuesday evening at 5 o’clock.

Hers was a generous, kind, devoted nature, and not alone will she be missed in her home circle, but this community, to which with her sympathetic nature and charitable deeds she had endeared herself, will mourn and fee her loss.

She was a pure consecrated christian, she loved the house of God and was always at her post when not providentially hindered. She will be missed at our prayer meeting, her voice is hushed, her exhortations and prayers have ceased, she has laid down her cross and received her crown and joined the church triumphant in that city whose maker and builder is God.

“Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, blessed sleep,

From which none ever wake to weep.

A calm and undisturbed repose,

Unbroken by the last of foes.”

M. E. C.


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