Sheriff E. L. Daniel

The Gazette
February 26, 1896

Mr. E. L. Daniel, one of the best citizens of Union Parish, died on Dec. 5th, 1895, about 6 p. m., at his home in Farmerville, La. He was born in Tennessee on January 6th, 1850. Was married to Miss Ada Burk, of Union county, Ark., on Dec. 17th, 1874. To this union was added five boys and two girls, who with the mother survive. He joined the Methodist church at 17 years of age. He loved his church, possessed an unwavering faith in Christ, and was one of the strongest pillows of the church; but said before his departure, if he had his life to live over, that he would try to do more for his Master. He has left his many friends a loving a beautiful example. His deeds will shine as bright as the stars above the bending skies forever. It is hard to give up a friend so true, a companion so loving, and a father so kind; but God doeth all things well, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.”

When our loved ones die in the Lord, we are not as those who have no boat; through Christ we can meet them in that “building not made with hands, eternal in the (?)” May God’s riches blessings rest upon the bereaved family, relatives and many friends.

W. D Gaskins.


The Gazette
December 11, 1895

A Good Man Gone to Rest

Thursday evening as the thickening shadows of night were wrapping the town in darkness, the immortal soul of Sheriff E. L. Daniel passed to the great beyond, where, sooner or later, all that is not mortal of each of us must journey. Surrounded by a loving family, of wife and children, in the presence of relatives and friends, he passed peacefully away, life’s light flickering and dying out like a candle at night. For many months he had been confined to his bed with a lung affection, which at times racked him with excruciating pains, but he bore all this suffering with patience and christian fortitude. He sleeps well, after life’s fitful dream is over, and his soul, we doubt not, is at rest in that city not built with hands eternal in the heavens. He was a kind and indulgent husband and father, a faithful friend, an honest an conscientious public servant- a man whose heart was overflowing with the milk of human kindness. His deeds of charity have made glad the hearts of many, and his friendly counsel has brightened and cleared the paths of those in trouble and perplexities. Since boyhood he has been a member of the Methodist church, filling continuously, since arriving at majority, important stations. We have known him for a score of years, and we can assert of a truth that no man can point to a single act of his that was dishonorable. He was not free of errors; no mortal is clear of these; but they were the mistakes of the head and not the heart. As proof of his upright living, his most ardent friends are those who have known him longest and most intimately. Every time he offered for the position of sheriff his home ward rallied to almost a man to his support.

He leaves a wife and seven children bereft of their protector, and to his sorrowing household The Gazette tenders its most heartfelt sympathy. May He who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb guide and direct this family in the path of rectitude marked out by its deceased head.

The remains of this good man were laid to rest Friday evening in the Farmerville cemetery with Masonic ceremonies, in the presence of a vast concourse of people.


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